Get ready to Chill-dip!!

The 8th Annual Polar bear chill dip #hogsbackcelebrations

It’s Chill dip time! Who is brave enough to swim a length in the pool during the 2019 Winter Festival in Hogsback? Our 8th annual Chill Dip for the warm-blooded adventurers, is a MUST DO.

This event has solicited a dedicated following of certified (crazy) polar bears, who return every year to brave the icy water challenge! Earning the Chill Dip T-shirt is indeed an icy honour AND you get a nip of Old Brown to warm you up again! This year we also have prizes for 3 categories:

  • Best dressed
  • Longest stay in the water
  • Eldest participant

It only cost R60 to participate in the Chill dip, spectators free.
To book: 045-962 1024 or
Jump or watch, see you on Saturday the 27th July 2019 at 12h30!

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