Hogsback Jerusalema Dance Challenge

In Hogsback we do the Jerusalema OUR WAY!! This means that we wing it in all the most amazing places in and around our Village. Look out for the Labyrinth, the Ecoshrine, the Arboretum and out energetic children from our local Crabbush School. We also showcase our wonderful Azaleas and the quirky adorable hogsbackians under the creative direction of our local docter, Johan Delport. Special thanks go to Troy Woodin (@troywoodin) for capturing the delightfully energetic dancing and videography,and for Ken Harvey for doing the drone footage. Our dancing also would not have been so exceptional if it was not for the sounds vibes provided by Paul our local DJ!

This video will premiere at 7pm tonight, so come and join in the virtual fun!!

Maggie Verster
Author: Maggie Verster