Help us bring the Rose theatre alive again!

Our little Rose Theatre is busy receiving some love and attention and we are reaching out to everyone who has enjoyed an afternoon or evening’s entertainment there and to all those still planning to!!! To help cover the cost of renovations, we have started a Backabuddy campaign 😊 Please help our campaign by donating and/or sharing this link! Any amount, no matter how small helps! Thanks for the ongoing support of our events, you guys rock!!!😁 Thank you to Janice for getting this campaign up and running! You can show your support here…

The Rose theatre is nestled in the heart of our little Hogsback Village and has always been a place of magic, steeped in history. It is located at Starways art Centre and is named after the famous Shakesperian Rose Theatre built in London in 1587. Our little theatre was built by the famous potter, Anton van der Merwe and completed in 2008 with the help of his neighbours, the Mafika brothers.

This quaint little theater is beautifully constructed using natural building techniques and is nestled between eight tall pine trees as it’s pillars. The Rose is the perfect open-air theatre to enjoy a cozy fairy tail evenings entertainment where you can gaze at the endless stars above. Some of the wonderful evenings around the fire in The Rose Theatre include poetry readings, folk and blues singers and bands, story-telling, sound travel workshops, pottery, bead-making and painting and even an annual summer solstice trance party and life celebration!

Pearce van der Merwe is honouring his late father’s legacy by keeping the spirit of The Rose alive. He has spent most of his time in lockdown fixing and upgrading the theatre which desperately needed some TLC. Without his input into this project, this little monument and place in our hearts would end up being lost to the elements taking a piece of Hogsback’s history with it.

We need your help for Pearce to be able to continue with this mammoth task of restoring The Rose Theatre. The money raised will help with labour costs of construction, fixing the electrical points, re-building the stage and roofing, adding a bathroom and buying a new sound system.

His goal is to raise R20 000 and complete the renovations before the summer season of 2020. We invite you to come and enjoy in the energy this building has to offer and have a famous Starways pizza with us again. So if you love The Rose Theatre, please help us to restore her heart and raise her back to her former glory!

Author: maggie