Things to do 

There is so much to do and see in Hogsback. It is not the kind of place where you can just come for a day! Whether you are an adventure junkie who needs to abseil down the Madonna and child or climb Hog 3 or whether you are a gentle soul wanting to meditate while strolling along the turns and twists of the labyrinth on the edge, there is something for everyone to do!!
What to do in Hogsback. Some ideas...
We have put together a brochure of ideas and itineraries that you can use to plan your next visit to Hogsback. This PDF with example itineraries for Hogsback and other info/rough maps will hopefully help you to make the most of your time in Hogsback, whether you are a traveler or a local. It will be updated periodically so if there is an error, please bear with us and we can fix it in the next round. We are very grateful to Benjine and her team for all the hard work in putting this together. In due time we will also publish an interactive version of this brochure on this site. So check back to regularly to see what is new! We are also inviting visitors to submit their own itinerary and photos! Please send all ideas and experiences as well as errors or omissions to You can use the listings below to learn more about all the activities, places and who to contact for more organised things to do! Download the PDF and keep it on your phone when you visit.

Starways Arts Centre

Cape Parrot Project

Hogsback Adventures

Kettlespout Falls

39 Steps Falls and Arboretum (15 mins)