Saturday 6h00-08h00 – Parrot Watching with the Cape Parrot Project. Free /donations to the Cape Parrot project. Booking essential. Contact Kate 072 077 0214
(More Information)

Saturday 07h30-19h00 – Massage therapy with Mikki and her team from Simple Sense @ King’s Lodge Hotel. Contact Mikki 076 721 7956
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Saturday 08h00-09h30 – Parkrun @ The Edge . Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome. Make sure that you bring your parkrun barcode with. If you do not have one, register for free at
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Saturday 08h00-10h00 – Champagne breakfast @ King’s Lodge Hotel. Cost: R95 pp. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 09h00-12h00 – Cape Parrot Project stall @ Butterfly’s Bistro. Learn more about our endangered Cape parrots. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.
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Cape parrot stall

Saturday 09h00-12h00 – Tea & Snow Scones on terrace @ Arminel. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.

09h00-16h00 Butterfly’s Market
Breakfast, Sweet Treats Handmade Coffee, Hot Chocolate Light Meals, Wood-Fired Pizza, Craft Beer & Gin on Tap, Gluhwein Vegan & Vegetarian friendly. Local Craft market and Food stalls, traditional dancing.
Venue: Butterfly’s Bistro Free Entrance. Walk-ins welcome
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Saturday 09h00-16h00
Hunterstoun University of Fort Hare Land Stories and Future Stories Film Festival. Film starting every hour on the hour.
Venue: Old Visitors Information Centre Hall. Free entree. Walk-ins welcome
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Saturday 09h00-16h00 Waterfall Cathedral walk
Wander through our magical forest down to the waterfall for tea, coffee and cake. Small pop-up meals & bar available in the Barn.
Venue: Waterfall Cathedral Cost: R10 Hogdollar entry fee. R50 Hogdollar Incl entry, tea, coffee and cake. Walk-ins welcome
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Saturday 09h00-20h30 – Street kitchen (ribs & chips, boerewors rolls, curry & rice) @ The Lighthouse. Home-made candles, candle-dipping for the children, free candy floss and various gifts for sale. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 10h00-11h00 – Morning activation activity (running game for + 7 years’ old involving counting) and warm up followed by a 30 minute yoga session for the children.
Venue: Jikani Cost R20pp. Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival).

Saturday 10h00-11h00 – To the Northern Lights – A Photographic Journey with Roddy Fox
Venue: Hogsback Inn Cost: R20 pp. Walk-ins welcome
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Saturday 10h00-11h30 – SAPS demonstrations @ Crabbush Soccer Field. K9 Unit; Riot Unit; Helicopter displays. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.

SAP dog display

Saturday 10h00-16h30 – Mountain Hog Challenge (full course) presented by Black Feather Clan. Venue: Gallery Square. Younger than 18 years -> 14h00 (cut-off & prize). 18 years and older -> 16h00 (cut-off & prize). Cost: R100 pp. Walk-ins welcome.
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Saturday 10h00-17h00 – Art exhibition & crafters @ The Edge. Free port and Muscadel tasting + Country restaurant & pub + Gourmet food stalls, glühwein, chocolate & churros. All day Labyrinth walking & view site. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.
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Saturday 10h30-11h30 – Traditional and gumboot dancing by the Bold Point community.
Venue: Butterfly Bistro Cost: Donations please!

Saturday 11h00-11h15 – Singing performance by the pupils of Crabbush School
Venue: Jikani . Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival)

Saturday 11h00-12h00 – History of Hogsback & Stories of Amathole Heritage with Trevor Webster.
Venue: Hogsback Inn Cost: Donations to Jikani. Walk-ins welcome.
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Saturday 11h00-12h30 – Aromatic Journey with Lyn de la Motte
Venue: Neshamah (8 Tor Doone Lane). Cost: R150 pp .
Booking essential. Contact Lyn 083 231 3704
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Saturday 11h00-15h00 – Craft beer and Pizza
Venue: Away with the Fairies Cost: Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome

Saturday 11h15-12h00 – Treasure hunt for children
Venue: Jikani. Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival).

Saturday 12h00-13h00 – Musical nature
Venue: Jikani. Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival)

Saturday 12h00-16h00 – Terrace Lunch @ Arminel. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 12h30-13h30 – 8th Annual Chill Dip Swim a length in the pool and earn the T-Shirt! Spectators welcome!
Venue: @ Kings’ Lodge. Cost: R60 pp for participants. Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information)

Saturday 13h00-16h30 – Basics of Essential Oils Workshop @Essential Amathole. R200 pp (R100 deposit to secure your place). Contact Ian 082 374 4296.
More information about this workshop

Saturday 13h30-16h30 – Working with Crystals – During this ±3-hour workshop you will learn how to get your joy back using a crystal grid. It  includes crystals and materials and is facilitated by Suneya Rising.
(More information).

Saturday 14h00-15h00 – Puppet show
Venue: Jikani
(More Information #kiddiesfestival)

Saturday 14h00-15h00 - Puppet show @  Jikani #kiddiesfestival

Saturday 14h00-16h30 – Snow Bowls, Port & Scones
Venue: Hogsback Bowling Club. Cost: R50 pp. All welcome.

Saturday 14h00-16h30 – Growing Cannabis Outdoors @ King’s Lodge Hotel. Cost R150 pp. Booking essential. Limited space. Contact Jo 076 158 6722
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aturday 14h00-16h30 - Growing Cannabis Outdoors @  King’s Lodge Hotel. Cost R150 pp. Booking essential. Limited space. Contact Jo 076 158 6722

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Saturday 15h00-15h45
– Dog training demonstration Venue: Jikani All welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival)

Saturday 15h00-16h00Wildlife Sessions 2019 – Four speed talks from Hogsback researchers and guides on Cape Parrots (Cassie), Birding in Hogsback (Graham), Samangoes (Greg) and Baboons (Maria). Talks aim to be factual, fascinating and crammed with high quality photographs and information! Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.
Venue: Hogsback Inn. Cost: Donations
(More Information)

Saturday 16h00-16h30 – Tree planting activity
Venue: Jikani. Walk-ins welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival)

Saturday 16h00-17h00 – Walking/sledding with huskies
Venue: Dogwood Lodge Starts at Dogwood, 9 Plaatjieskraal Road – Equipment provided. Cost: R100 pp. Donations to sponsor pet mince to Hogs Life Rescue Farm. Booking essential. Contact Gerald 082 928 2785
(More Information)

Saturday 16h30-17h00 – Closing story meditation Venue: Jikani . All welcome.
(More Information #kiddiesfestival )

Saturday 16h30-21h30 – Concert & Dinner – Music performance by Annari Breed.
Venue: The Touraco Table . Concert 16h30 for 17h00 to 18h15 & Dinner 18h30-21h30. R350 pp all inclusive. Booking essential Contact Angus 082 923 6053
(More Information)

Saturday 18h00-19h00 – An evening of stories, songs & poems around the fireside with Gwyneth, Trevor and Silke including wine & snacks and Starways’ Rose Theatre.
Venue: The Rose Theatre. Cost R50 pp. Booking essential. Contact Gwyneth 082 928 5770
(More Information)

Saturday 18h00-19h30 – Stargazing with Miss Shanti.
Venue: Mistyfell . Cost: R40 pp. Bookings essential. Contact Miss Shanti 076 946 7247.
 (More information)

Saturday 18h00-23h00 – Sheep in a Barrel followed by an 80s music evening with DJ Warren G. Venue: Hogsback Inn. Cost: R150 pp. Booking essential. Contact Belinda 045 962 1006.

Saturday 18h00-24h00 – Potjie and live music.
Venue: Away with the Fairies Cost: R125 Meat R100 Vegan Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 18h30-22h30 – Cheese & Port evening followed by a dinner dance
Venue: Arminel. Cost: R250 pp. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 18h30-22h30 – Kettie & Klip – Music performance.
Venue: Hog and Hornbill. Pub food. Free entrance but booking is essential. Contact Lana 073 600 4644

Saturday 19h00-23h00 – Mongolian grill and live music with Simon Shaw. Venue: Happy Hogs. Free entrance. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday 19h00-24h00 – Gala dinner with live music with Kerry Hiles.
Venue: King’s Lodge Hotel. Cost: R240 pp (13 years old +), R100 pp (7-12 years old), R50 pp (3-6 years old). Booking essential Contact Debbie 0765122073
(More Information)