This year we will again be doing a 48-hour Scavenger Snow Hunt Challenge all around our little village with a stunning voucher to be won! Our annual Chill Dip for the warm-blooded polar bears is a MUST DO as well as our fun Snowball Lawn Bowls, music, twitching, tweeting, insta-storytelling, various workshops and talks as well as a night meander and food market, a combat display by SAP, and a cannabis workshop, to name but a few of the fun activities!  We will, for the first time, have a dedicated kiddies festival, entertainment and food area at Jikani.

The “Foodies” will not be disappointed as all the main Hogsback venues will offer Gala Dinners as per usual, and we will have traditional food as well as street kitchens offering light festival food. On Friday night, there will be a food market at the Edge with lots of crafters and festive music to kick off the festival weekend in Grand style! 

We, again, will be going green with our programme and are encouraging everyone to rather view it on your devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPads) than print it out! This will also ensure that you have the latest interactive version of what is happening!

Important notice

Hogsback is currently experiencing a severe water shortage, and as we are expecting a lot of visitors, we encourage you all to bring your own water and use water sparingly throughout the weekend. Join the #showerinabucket brigade!! Lets get #wateraware. To learn more about how you help when visiting Hogsback, Click here


We are using user friendly Hogsback emoticons (Hoticons) , so that you can easily see what an event is all about, if you have to book, if it is child friendly or if it is part of the scavenger hunt.

Hogsback Celebrations Programme Overview