This year our annual Winter Celebration will be taking place from the 26-28 July 2019 and we are already getting totally stoked with all the exciting events and activities that will be on offer.  Our theme, in anticipation of a wonder world of white fluffy snow is yet again…..  “Let it snow” and we are hoping that the weather will also come to the party we have planned!!

This year we will again be doing a 48-hour Scavenger Snow Hunt Challenge all around our little village with a stunning cash and accommodation voucher to be won! The #Snowhunt19 will take you to various venues and events where you will learn more about Hogsback, its people and what makes it so magical, while having loads of fun!  Of course, you will also be required to hug trees, kiss frogs and #bethesnow! It was hugely competitive last year, so this year we will be including more secret clues and demanding a lot more fun evidence from all the competitors.

There will be fun Snowball Lawn Bowls, music, twitching, tweeting, insta-storytelling, various workshops and talks as well as a night meander and food market, a combat display by SAP, and a cannabis workshop, to name but a few of the fun activities!  

Our 8th annual Chill Dip for the warm-blooded adventurers, is a MUST DO. This event has solicited a dedicated following of certified (crazy) polar bears, who return every year to brave the icy water challenge! Earning the Chill Dip T-shirt is indeed an icy honour, not to be missed!.

Our kiddies will be well catered for this year, with a dedicated events area where they can have fun, participate in exciting competitions, enjoy puppet shows, jumping castles, face painting, kiddies art and storytelling. We even encourage parents to come and join in all the wholesome family orientated fun. There will even be a healthy kiddie food court as well!

Crafters are welcome to apply for stalls at the various crafter venues before the end of June, and there will be a big variety of handmade crafts, toys, art, clothes, food and all shapes of thingiemabobs on offer.  To book your stall, complete this online form or contact Glenn  (

The South African Police Service will be doing a show for us and will be bringing their riot squad, horses, dogs and a helicopter to make us more aware of the important and difficult job they have in keeping us all safe every day. Frosty the snowman has volunteered to be the “baddie” if the snow does not appear!

Our night meander and star gazing outings will again be on offer where you will experience the magic of the Hogsback forest at night. A little known fact is that Hogsback comes alive at night with all kinds of night animals making their appearance and you may even see a real live Hoggamajojo!

Star Gazing with Miss Shanti