We are so excited to present a very full #HogsbackCelebrations programme with lots of diverse events and activities to be enjoyed over the weekend of 26-28 July!!

Our programme

As we feel very strongly about not killing our trees, we would encourage all guests to rather not print this programme, but look at it in digital format from www.hogsback.org.za! So feel free to download it onto your computer, tablet, ipad or cell phone. You can also follow the more interactive web/mobile version of the programme. 

We have created a Celebration Website (www.hogsback.org.za, or follow the snowman from www.hogsback.com) to help you enjoy all that is happening in and around our Village. We also have a Hogsback Celebration Facebook page (www.fb.me/hogsbackcelebrations) where you will have instant news, event information as well as live videos and updates about the festival.  Two special reasons to be on the online website: the programme will be updated all the time if necessary and it will be social!! You can click on an item, see the poster, read a short description of what it is about and then go and enjoy the community input on Facebook and Instagram. The joys of technology make it so easy to decide on items you would like to attend!

It is important that you consult the programme and choose items of your interest as some of the activities may have limited space. Our little Village is not that big and our venues are mostly cozy! So please make sure that you pre-book items that you would like to attend.  You will be spoilt for choice, just to name but a few: 

  • A night meander in the forest, exploring nocturnal creatures and wondrous whisperings.
  • History and stories of Hogsback and the Amathole Heritage
  • A cannabis workshop  
  • Wildlife (Bird & Baboons) talks, music, dancing, crafters and world class art
  • Food & Gala Dinners with great music concerts
  • And so much more…..

How to paint the town blue and snow-white!

Hogsback will be painted in BLUE to go with the #snow-white from #letitsnow19. Be part of the festive vibe and join the blue #letitsnow19 brigade! We have beautiful T-shirts (R100 for kids and R150 for adults) and sweaters (R250 for adult sizes) for sale. Beanies (R75)  to match, will complete your #hogsback celebrations snow outfit. Ordering in advance will help us to reserve your #snowstuff in your sizes. Also, it is so popular that we might run out!! So rather order and pay beforehand. See the celebration site to order your T-shirt (to be picked up from the Information centre)

#Hogsback Celebrations Scavenger Hunt Challenge – New challenge with a big cash and accommodation prize! Go enter here
This year will host our second annual scavenger hunt. It is a village-wide challenge (#snowhunt19) that will ensure that everybody, who will be visiting our little village, will have as much fun as possible, while getting to know our little piece of paradise a little bit better…..and winning some AWESOME PRIZES (R1000 cash and an accommodation prize).  Some of the challenges will be pure fun, while others will take you to some hidden/less known spots while you learn amazing facts about our little mountain village, steeped in history and intrigue! Registrations are R50 and you can get your snowhunt number at the Info Centre or online at www.hogsback.org.za. Make it the first thing you do when you enter Hogsback!! Enjoy discovering Hogsback on this Scavenger #snowhunt19.

Social Media (#hogsbackcelebrations #letitsnow19 #hogsbacksa #snowhunt19 #wateraware)
As we have stated, we will use our website and social media channels to not only keep you informed, but also to harvest YOUR stories and EXPERIENCES. We will also do a dedicated #letitsnow19 Whatsapp POP-UP group for on the fly sharing and harvesting of information and moments (Rules will apply).

To become part of our #hogsbackcelebrations social media streams. Do the following:

  • Like our facebook page
  • Follow our Instagram page
  • Follow #hogsbackcelebrations and #letitsnow19 and #hogsbacksa on twitter, Facebook and Instagram and make sure that you use these 3 hashtags in all your social media banter!!! 
  • If you want to be added to the #letitsnow19 Whatsapp Pop-up group or get email notifications of what is happening, please complete our online form here: bit.ly/HC19whatsapp

Cash is King 

Hogsback, being a small village, has limited ATM facilities (only at the Spar SaveMor) and there is a possibility that cash and petrol in the village can run out. Please be prepared and bring some cash with to avoid disappointment. Some items/venues are cash only for participating or attending and many of the crafters do not have credit card facilities. Remember to fill up your tank before you come here!!


We do have a petrol service station that also sells great braai packs, but we are asking that you fill up your tanks before coming here to be sure in case we run out of petrol!!


Hogsback is currently experiencing a severe water crisis and we ask that all our visitors bring their own drinking water and use water very sparingly. To learn what you can do to help us in this crisis, read this notice: www.bit.ly/water-aware

Safety and security

As our little village will be filled to capacity, we are asking everybody to be SAFE and SOUND!!! We will have mounted police and extra police presence as well as additional traffic police. This means that your safety is important to us, so take care and be law-abiding citizens. No drinking and driving!! No picnics and drinking of alcohol will be allowed on the roads, curbs or village green!! 

Emergency numbers:

SAP: 0732804491     
Fire: 0847742542   
Info Centre: (045) 962 1245   
First Aid: 0848400617      


Snow use driving yourself, hire your very own #Snowtaxi!! We will have taxis available for booking over the weekend.  Phone Royden 073 892 7468 (Save the number)

  • Need to get around Hogsback Village AND still enjoy your favourite drink?
  • Family needs to be in 2 places at the same time?
  • Having Snow much fun, can’t remember where your car is?

Rates per trip (whether you are 1 or 4):
Fare: R 80 per trip (4 people)