This year we will again be hosting our Village wide social scavenger hunt (#snowhunt19) to ensure that everybody, who will be visiting our little village, will have as much fun as possible, while getting to know our little piece of paradise a little bit better…..and winning an awesome cash and accommodation prizes! So make sure that you enter!!

Our #snowhunt19 village wide scavenger hunt
Our scavenger hunt around the village!

The hunt will be a challenge (#snowhunt) running for 48 hours, starting from 12 noon on Friday, ending at 12 noon on Sunday. To enter will cost you a mere R50.  To be the ultimate winner, you have to collect the most points. If you enter, but does not submit your challenge, you will go into the draw for the accommodation prize.

As there are quite a lot of items in the challenge, taking you all over the village,  so you won’t be able to finish all the #snowhunt19 items in time. You also can’t be at all the events at the same time! No cheating allowed!

How do you enter?

You can enter (register now) for the #snowhunt any time before or during the festival by buying (R50) your entry number from the Info Centre where all the fun is bound to start and where you will get free internet access, to complete your #snowhunt19! Once you have paid your R50 and filled in your registration details, you will get a #snowhunt number and the password for the submission portal.

You have to use this number EVERYWHERE all over the village, and include it in all your activities, photos, etc (e.g. #snowhunt19 #0023Maggie #Q12–> the hashtag + #your huntnumber and name+#the question number). 

All the hunt clues and questions will be displayed at each of the hunt venues and you will be able to download the questions from the submission portal.

General Instructions, Guidelines and Rules:

  • Bring your own paper and pen, or better still – make electronic notes of your answers.
  • The questions or challenge instructions for each venue will be displayed at a central spot at each of the venues. Eyes peeled! Look sharp!
  • It is a weekend long challenge. You can register any time during the challenge and get your #huntnumber (e.g #0023maggie).
  • The #snowhunt19 will take you to most of the participating venues. If the venue has a snowflake on the programme, then there will be clues there for you to follow and answer!
  • You won’t have time to do all the items in the #snowhunt19, so planning is essential. You can use the programme and map to plan where to go. 
  • As you won’t be able to be in two places at the same time, you won’t be able to submit answers for simultaneous events. You can’t get someone else to attend other events on your behalf.
  • Family members and friends cannot submit the same photo’s!
  • If any answer/picture has to be posted online (“Social it”), don’t forget to add the question number, your #huntnumber and #snowhunt19, otherwise your answer won’t count!
  • Be safe and responsible when completing the fun tasks! Don’t harm any trees or locals while hugging!
  • We reserve the right to use all photos and evidence as part of our social media campaign, so don’t upload any item that may be offensive or inappropriate! 
  • You will have until Monday the 29th of July 17h00 to submit your challenge entry electronically (via email/ whatsapp or the online submission form)
  • Disclaimer: The organisers, venues, village and organising committee do not take any responsibility for any injury or harm which may result from participating in this #snowhunt19. 
  • The judges’ decision is final and winners will be notified by the 1st of August 2019

Register for the #snowhunt19 | Submit your #snowhunt19 answers
(You will need your #snowhunt19 number and submission password obtainable after registration from the Info Centre on payment)