Time to get those bodies moving again an get the muscles tones for summer! The Simple Sense Studio is adhering to all Covid-19 protocols with social distancing and we have designed a weekly programme for you!

There are classes for everyone, no matter how scared you are of exercise!! You can join as many classes as you’d like for only R200 per month. Drop-ins R50pp. Gen-wize are ONLY for 65 years and older.

Schedule 1 September to 30 November ’20

Monday Tuesday
Gen-Wise @ 10:30 Power Yoga @ 7:30
Integral Yoga @ 17:30 Workout @ 16:00
Wednesday Thursday
Integral Yoga @ 7:30 Integral Yoga @ 7:30
Integral Yoga @ 17:30 Integral Yoga @ 11:30
Friday Saturday
Workout @ 9:00 Integral Yoga @ 9:00
Come and join us Hydrangea Lane, Hogsback, East Cape.

Hydrangea Lane, Hogsback, East Cape
+2776 721 7956