#SAGCM2020 Gathering


We are inviting Hogsback, our Neighboring Towns, Eastern Cape and SA to join our Global Canna March.  Please come join in on the 12th of September 2020 at 11am,  for our peaceful gathering at the start of the Global Online March. Even though this is an online event, we have decided to have a fun peaceful social distancing gathering that would be streamed live world wide from the view point at Away with the Fairies 🧚🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️ ( www.awaywiththefairies.co.za )

Because of the C-19 restricting, we will have to enforce  a limit of 50 People. We are abiding by every law and rule needed for this day to run as smooth and peaceful as possible . 😉✅ This is a 420 friendly gathering so No under 18’s ❗️🔞❗️

There will be snacks & treats & all sorts of eats,sponsored by some awesome cooks🍕🍱🍪 The best Pizza in the Eastern Cape is always available and made fresh by the Fairies 🧚‍♀️. There will also be all kinds of beverages & lovely craft beers available for the thirsty ones🍻.

The gathering is FREE, it’s time to stand up for our freedom and fight for what is right and what we believe in.
Unite in peace and love for freedom!

Please follow the Facebook page on details on how to be apart of the online event and the details for the  March and Zoom ( #SAGCM2020 )


Contact Eileen directly (Whatsapp 0796655537) for a spot or more details 👽

There will be some voucher and gift giveaways so please do dress funky or make an awesome mask🤩🥳🤩

Sponsors will follow as will links 😛

PS; Bring your Mask 😷

The event is finished.