Hogsback Tourism Management Village Meeting

Thanks for all the support received for the proposal to establish a Hogsback Tourism Management Team (HTMT).

There will be a meeting to elect members to the HTMT for each of the portfolios necessary to manage & run Hogsback Tourism:

  • Information Centre Management.
  • Maintenance of Trails
  • Events Coordination
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Public Relations & Communication

This last portfolio is in addition to the portfolios that have already been identified.

Please submit your nominations for people that you would like to have involved for each portfolio – nominees must be enthusiastic and passionate with the appropriate skill set and experience. You may nominate several portfolios for one person, as well as several people for one portfolio.  You are welcome to nominate yourself too!

URGENT PLEASE – Nominations deadline:

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 @ 12 noon
Email to: newshews@gmail.com

HTMT Election:

Please attend this important meeting – Hogsback needs your input to contribute to the future of Hogsback Tourism. Consider the mutual benefit that can be achieved with a group of focused, talented and enthusiastic people who share the same vision:

“To Promote, Preserve and Protect our Pristine Environment for Hogsback Tourism”

DATE:    Thursday, 27 February 2020 @

TIME:     5:30pm

VENUE: Vula Vista Room @ The Edge


Thursday, 27 February 2020 @ 5:30pm
Vula Vista Room @ The Edge

  • Welcome & Apologies
  • Information Centre Management – This is to ensure that accurate information is supplied to visitors. Also, that a high standard is maintained and the Information Centre is professionally operated.
  • Maintenance of Trails – includes inspection, repair and signage for all walking trails
  • Events Coordination – quality control, data gathering, safety & security, and events calendar management. To ensure that the Hogsback Tourism Vision is complied with for:
  • One off events
  • Ongoing activities
  • Marketing – digital media, social media, print media
  • Finance – budget and manage income & expenses
  • Public Relations & Communication – to ensure that all public press releases and any other media statements relating to tourism are properly communicated, as well as effective communication within the Hogsback community

Portfolio guidelines

  • HTMT to liaise with Hogsback tourism association to ensure that Hogsback Tourism Vision is maintained on all levels
  • HTMT to meet regularly with at least 1 representative from each portfolio
  • Each portfolio’s team to nominate their representative – they will meet as regularly as needed to ensure that their portfolio is functional
  • Date for first HTMT meeting
  • Meeting close

The event is finished.