Hogsback #JerusalemaChallenge @EcoShrine

We have decided to showcase all the wonderful spots in Hogsback, starting with the Eco Shrine. What better way to do it than to take up the #JerusalemaChallenge and get our bodies moving! You are not too unfit or fat or frumpy to get your body out there under our beautiful Hogsback sky, overlooking the Hogs and Diana’s incredible open air gallery.

We will get together at 4 o’clock (Wednesday 30th September) on the lawn above the Eco Shrine. Please wear your masks and stick to social distancing. No hugging. We know that this is really difficult for hugsbackians, but just don’t do it! Rather get into the #jerusalema groove.

To get you in the mood, here is an example: (instead of with food, we will dance with azaleas, so remember to bring some- the more colours the better!)

Here is a beginner tutorial to get you going:

Don’t worry if you are not the worlds best dancer. I got thrown out of aerobics class, due to always getting my steps wrong, so we are hoping that there will at least be one person with rhythm to guide us. We will start with a practice session.

If there are anybody with a drone to help capture the moment and venue, please come and also we nee some photographers and video capturers!!

The event is finished.