We are open again for visitors

The good news is that Hogsback is open again for visitors, hikers and food. The forests are calling, the birds are singing and our azaleas are showing off their splendour. It is time to book to come and visit!!

All establishments currently open for stay-overs have been properly trained to get their accommodation Covid-19 complaint. We are going the extra mile to make sure that our guests are safe and sound.

So here are a few important guidelines for making sure that you stay safe and do not put your own lives and ours in danger…..

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick
    We know how much you are looking forward to a break in nature, but please stay home if you are showing any flue like systems. Wait at least 2 days after your symptoms have disappeared before travelling. If you’ve been in contact with someone who is infected, wait at least 10 days before you #visithogsback!! Most of the hosts will only be to happy to postpone your visit to another, equally wonderful time!
  • Keep your distance!!
    Please. There is lots of space in Hogsback. Don’t come any nearer than one meter. Two meters is much much better. Please.
  • Wear your mask!!
    Apart from not contaminating the environment, it is a legal requirement to wear your mask. The only places where you do not have to wear it, are:
    • In your accommodation cottage.
    • In your car if you are a small group or family.
    • While eating or drinking ( but put back on when you finished eating).
  • Wash your hands!!
    Wash your hands! Sanitize. Most of the cottages and rooms have hand sanitizer and soap available. It is a good idea to also bring your own hand sanitizer and clean your hands often wherever you go.
  • Use water sparingly!
    We have not had much rain, and not enough snow this winter, so Hogsback is dry. Our dam level is very low. We, therefore, need our guests to use the water very sparingly. Rather use hand sanitiser and very short showers. Read our water saving hints
  • Check-in requirements
    Ask your host if they have a self-check-in option. They will all require you to complete a form that could be used for tracking and tracing. Remember to bring a copy of your ID with, or supply your host with all that before arrival.

Some valuable hints

We have been experiencing a bigger than normal influx of guests desperate to take in some of the wondrous fresh air, forests and beauty Hogsback has to offer. Here are some hints to make sure that you get a booking in any of our amazing stays:

  • A one night booking over weekends is s no-no! All the hosts have to go to great extremes and measures to sanitise all accommodation at great cost and a one-night booking is just not worth it. So if you want to ensure that you get a booking, book 2 nights or more. This also goes for long weekends. Hosts do not rent out their places for one or even two nights over a long weekend.
  • Don’t wait until a few days before the weekend, you will not find accommodation! Hogsback is extremely popular over weekends and school holidays. Make sure you book ahead of time.
  • You can use the Hogsback accommodation form to find out which places are still available as this form sends an email to all establishments and those who still have space available, will get back to you. So you won’t need to spend hours on the phone.
  • Please go and like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, to stay up to date about happenings in and around Hogsback.

So, with all that said, we are indeed so happy to see our visitors again and know that you will have an amazing time here with us (at a distance) in Hogsback

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