Potjiekos Competition 2019

The Potjiekos competition is one of the highlights of our #spring #hogsbackcelebrations weekend and the competitors always take it very seriously! Last year we had a record number of potjiekos entrees competing for the coveted trophy and prizes. We even had a few chefs from our neighbouring towns giving the locals a run for their potjie! Estie and Benji from Ginger & Co were the judges and they were suitably impressed with the standard on offer!

This year we are hoping to have even more food fundi’s, closet chefs, braai masters and Hogsback pot-stars participating!

Potjies will be cooked from 10 onward, with judging taking place at 13h00 when the public can partake in the tasting fun.  As there will only be a limited number of tickets for the potjie meal, get there early!! To enter the competition contact Jenn Whyle (084 873 1288)

To see what went down at previous potjie competitions see our photo galleries:

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