This is Physical therapy with a difference. This is not a massage to relax, this is also not a workout and stretch session. Makarios Massage, combines various anatomical, medical, physiological, neuro-responsive, esoteric and energy based forms of therapy. Holistic in every sense of the word.

10 Reasons why you should book a massage now!

  1. Massage is a Painkiller that actually HELP your liver instead of toxifying it.
  2. Massage boosts your immune system (Really it does).
  3. Massage improves flexibility.
  4. Reduces Stress and anxiety
  5. Boosts your mood
  6. Enhances skin tone and Blood Circulation
  7. Alleviates chronic aches and pains
  8. Re-align and balance any bone and muscle that is not functioning optimally
  9. Improves sleeping habits
  10. You are in HOGSBACK, the best therapists live here!!

Treatment Menu for #Winter #HogsbackCelebrations:

Full Body Massage

90minutes           R700
60minutes           R400

Back, Neck and Shoulders
45minutes           R350
30minutes           R300                     

e-mail: / WhatsApp: 076 721 7956

We also offer:·        

  • Acupunture        ·        
  • Reflexology       ·        
  • Chronic Pain Relief Theraphy·        
  • Pre-or-Post Hike Massages
  • Sound & Vibration Therapy

We have made special adjustments to our schedule to be able to
accommodate as many #HogsbackCelebrations guests as possible. Avoid disappointment and book ASAP. You cannot afford to come to Hogsback and NOT get a massage with Simple Sense!   (Operating from the King’s Lodge, Main Road. Cash or Pre-booking EFT only, no Card Facility)

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