Mountain Hog Challenge

This year, apart from the scavenger hunt, there will be a serious challenge happening at the Gallery– the first annual Mountain Hog Challenge! The Blackfeather Orc clan will be overseeing proceedings. There will be an adult and a children’s challenge on offer.

Mountain Hog Challenge at the Gallery

On the Friday, from 10h00 to 14h00, participants can have a practice run to make sure that they are on form for the start of official proceedings on Saturday (R20 per challenge).

The real deal starts on Saturday, from 10h00 to 16h30 (R100 per person), when participants will be doing the full course to win the floating trophy and prizes.

  • The under 18 years old -> 14h00 (cut-off & prize)
  • 18 and over -> 16h00 (cut-off & prize)

The categories that the warriors will be competing in are:

  • Archery – low poundage bows (10/15 pound draw) six arrows practice, six arrows for score.
  • Stabbing Board – The Board has ten holes covered by interchangeable numbered leather flaps, placed randomly. The contestant is to use a training sword to stab the numbers in sequence in best time or number reached before a mistake. Three runs, best time taken.
  • Hammer & Nail – A favourite of the Clans. Driving nails into a stump of wood. Three practice nails, five for score. Individual challenges also permitted.
  • Log Hold – Contestant is to lift and hold a log (size based on individual weight) at arms length for time score.
  • Fire Start – Contestant gets to choose a hand full of kindling and has one match to start a fire big enough to burn a string over fire, penalty for extra matches.
  • Armour Jump/Load leap – Contestant is loaded with armour and gear in accordance to their weight and will have to take a three step jump. Score for distance.

The Clan will have some of their merchandise available along with leather work from Black Wing Leather. Look forward to meeting you
Bregal Blackwing Benade (Black Feather Member)

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