Land and Future Stories Film Festival

Hunterstoun Centre

A film festival that captures and explores the Tyhume catchment land stories, challenges, opportunities and hope for the future.

‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’
The videos are part of a research process looking at Land reform in the Tyhume Catchment being undertaken by UFH’s Hunterstoun Centre Heritage Hub funded by the NIHSS. 

Land and Future Stories Film Festival

There are two series, Land Stories and Land Futures. Each of the 11 mini documentaries are about 8 minutes each. Both series will be shown continuously, starting on the hour. You can start watching at any time.

‘Land Stories’

Six local people reflect on their experiences of the past, present and hopes for the future

The ‘Land Stories’ mini-series of documentaries provide voices and faces of six families about their experiences around land.  Themes include insecure tenure, fragile livelihoods, dispossession, resettlement and ‘illegal’ settlements. Each of the land stories end with the families’ hopes for the future.  

‘Land Futures’

These stories reflect on five very different land parcels in the Tyhume Catchment

These movies explore the potential futures of five very different land parcels. While the opportunities for each parcel provides hope for a land reformed and developmental future, these futures are clearly all undermined by past land conflicts, policies and controls, from Chief Maqoma to current time. Forced removals, bantustan jurisdiction and control, betterment, resettlement, Groups Areas removals and long awaited land claims. 

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