Hogsback Celebration parkrun

To do the parkrun in Hogsback should definitely be on your bucket list for a number of reasons…

  • The amazing scenery. You run on the bluff area on the edge of the cliff where you will encounter unique and rare fauna (if you stop to look).
  • The best volunteers EVER! Our small group of volunteers are dedicated and totally geared towards making you feel like part of our family! They are there for you when you feel like stopping halfway and will “edge” you on to achieve your best.
  • As the Hogsback parkrun is one of the smaller parkruns and mainly made up of visitors to our little village, you can finish in the top 10 easily if you push yourself just a little….
  • There are usually more dogs than people.
  • You can braai marshmallows in the snow!!!

The parkrun is free and all you have to do if you have not run a parkrun before, is to register on the website www.parkrun.co.za and get a parkrun bar-code. Print it out and bring with!! The rule is NO BAR-CODE no results.

Become part of our Hogsbackcelebrations parkrunnners!!

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