Do you want more joy and harmony in your life?

Crystal workshop

In this ‘Working with Crystals’ workshop, on Saturday the 27th and repeated on Sunday the 28th of July, Suneya will help you to get joy and purpose back into your life using a Crystal Grid.

She will help you to decide what you would like more of in your life and you will use a Crystal Grid to help you manifest this in a practical way. Crystal grids could be used for healing, protection, prosperity, love and to manifest and anything you need help with. She will assist with the do’s and don’t of creating your very own grid that you will take with you on completion.

The workshop cost is R350 per person and includes all material and crystals. We can facilitate between 8 to 12 people (12 yrs+) and booking as well as prior payment via EFT is essential to secure your place.

Author: Hogsback

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