Growing Cannabis Outdoors 101

Growing Cannabis outdoors workshop

Last year we had a talk about “Should Cannabis be legalised?”. In the mean time, legislation has changed and we can now all grow and smoke our own weed! The reality is that it is not that easy to get started and there is a lot to learn, both about growing it as well as the legalities regarding the use of cannabis. ⁠

So we convinced Joanne, our local green-finger weed fundi, to help those who wants to get started. Her talkshop will deal with how to prepare your soil for optimum germination, how to look after your plants and how to harvest and cure your cannabis harvest. ⁠

This talkshop will only accommodate a limited number of participants and booking is therefore important. It takes place during our #Winter #HogsbackCelebrations festival on Saturday 27th July (14h00-16h00) at King’s Lodge Hotel. The cost is R150 pp. Contact Jo @⁠ 076 158 6722 to book your green seat.⁠⁠

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