Things that go bump in the night….

There are a lot of things that can go bump in the night and that can be scary, but here in Hogsback, nights are magical affairs, and to spend some time in the forest, taking in the night sounds can be truly wondrous. That is why we are welcoming you to join us in our Arboretum night Meander!

Arboretum night meander

Not only do you have the gentle whisper of the trees, you also have the Milky Way of stars beckoning beyond, calling us to think about far away galaxies.

Then there are the little forest animals rustling around the tree trunks, when they should actually be sleeping! We will also look for nocturnal creatures that love playing around at night.

There will also be some quiet time to reflect on the wonder and beauty of nature around us.

An experienced guide from Hobbiton will be leading this excursion and making it special. Hobbiton is an outdoor educational adventure centre, specialising in creating exciting educational experiences. You will also learn about the good work that they are doing in our community and for less fortunate children. Please support their good work.

What to bring?

  • Donations to Hobbiton
  • Dress warmly and bring your own torch
  • We will meet on the Main Road entrance to the Arboretum.

The story of Hobbiton, Shadows & Sky book as well as Hobbiton mugs will also be on sale.

Book for this event

To make sure that you dont miss out on this wonderful annual event, contant Tonya 084 840 0617 or Nell 076 353 2284 .
Also visit (and like/follow) the Hobbiton website ( and Facebook page.

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