Eco shrine guided tours and exhibition.

The Eco-Shrine will be open every day over the #Winter #Hogsbackcelebrations weekend to visitors from 09h30-15h30. Diana will be on hand for guided tours over this weekend to open your minds to a seriously dramatic art experience with a view. Cost for adults are R30 and children can visit for free.

The Eco-Shrine Centre for Art and Ecology was opened in 1995. It is an outdoor art installation where ecology, art and a sense of the sanctity of Earth all come together.

It is one of Hogsback’s most treasured points of interest where visitors are immediately struck by the breathtaking landscape and, in it, the sight of large oil paintings displayed in sculpted niches, joined by a seemingly flowing, low wall of cement relief. The Eco-Shrine looks as if it has always been there.

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