Event submission closing today!

The submissions for our #Winter #HogsbackCelebrations will be closing today. If you still want to enter an activity, workshop, talk or music event, you need to send a proposal summary to Laurent, our programme director for 2019. You can contact him at programme@hogsback.org.za

We will be featuring the events and the crafters who will be exhibiting in the run up to the #Winter #Hogsbackcelebration weekend. So please, can everybody presenting an activity, workshop etc, make sure that they send a paragraph or two and the poster (see example below) of their event to Laurent. If you cannot make a poster (meh), let us know.

Crafters and everybody who want to host a stall at the various venues, have until the 28th June 2019 to contact Glenn, our stall co-ordinator. (stalls@hogsback.org.za).

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